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Audio Amplifier Electronic Components

1. LM1875

LM1875 is one of the most commonly used power amplifier chips. It is a monophonic design. It not only has the advantages of rich sound quality and high power, but also has a complete protection circuit. It is a high-end model among chips of the same type.


2. LM3886

It is also a monophonic design, with a total of 11 pins. Compared with LM1875, LM3885 has greater power, wider dynamics, and has advantages in other parameters, so only the most high-end multimedia audio will use LM3886 as audio power amplifier chip.


3. LM4766

The usual saying on the Internet is that LM4766 is equivalent to packaging two LM3886 together, why do you say that? From the perspective of performance parameters, LM4766 is exactly the same as LM3886, and even the tone and color are exactly the same. However, because the LM4766 has many pins, people in the industry often call it a "centipede chip", which is difficult to solder.


4. LM1876

M1876 is a commonly used dual-channel audio power amplifier circuit, referred to as power amplifier, its fidelity is very high, and the power of a single channel can reach 20 watts.


5. TDA7240

At present, LM1875 is also one of the most commonly used power amplifier chips.

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