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RLP25FEGR002 Overview

The RLP25FEGR002 is a member of the RLP series of thick film power resistors, which are designed for use in high power and high temperature applications. 

The RLP25FEGR002 resistor is a 0.002 ohm resistor with a power rating of 1 watt. It is made using thick film technology, which provides high stability and precision over a wide range of operating temperatures. The resistor features a small and compact design that makes it easy to mount on circuit boards or other electronic devices.

One of the unique features of the RLP25FEGR002 resistor is its low inductance, which ensures that it is highly responsive to fast-changing signals. This makes it suitable for use in applications such as high-speed switching, motor control, and current sensing.

The RLP25FEGR002 resistor has a tolerance of 1% and a temperature coefficient of 200 ppm/°C, ensuring stable resistance values even in high-temperature environments. It is also RoHS compliant, ensuring that it is free from hazardous substances that may harm the environment and human health.

Overall, the RLP25FEGR002 resistor is a reliable and high-quality electronic component that provides stability, precision, and responsiveness in high-power applications where performance cannot be compromised. It can be used in various industrial and commercial applications, including power supplies, motor drives, and control systems.

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