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Computer/Phone Electronic Components

Chip is a classification of IC, which is a circuit module that integrates various electronic components on a silicon board. Usually refers to chips used in mobile phone communication functions, including baseband, processor, coprocessor, RF, touch screen controller chip, Memory, processor, wireless IC and power management IC, etc. The mobile phone chip is the most important part of electronic equipment, and it undertakes the functions of computing and storage. Our common mobile phone chips include Apple A series, HiSilicon Kirin series, Qualcomm Snapdragon series, MediaTek Dimensity series, etc. To a large extent, the quality of a mobile phone's chip is a measure of the strength of a mobile phone and computer. Choosing a good and suitable chip for mobile phones and computers will change the feeling and smooth speed of mobile phones and computers. It is one of the evaluation criteria for the function/running speed of mobile phones and computers.

computer electronic components

Other Uses Of Electronic Components
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