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B32672L8102J6A1 Overview

The B32672L8102J6A1 safety capacitor is designed for use in electrical circuits requiring AC input filtering or EMI suppression. It is a metalized film capacitor with a capacitance of 1uF and a rated voltage of 275V AC.

This safety capacitor is designed to meet various international safety standards such as IEC 60384-14 and UL 1414 Class X2. It has a self-healing feature that ensures it remains safe and operates reliably even under harsh conditions.

The B32672L8102J6A1 safety capacitor is made with a metallized polyester film dielectric that provides stable and reliable performance over a wide temperature range. It is ideal for use in applications such as power supplies, control circuits, lighting ballasts, and many other electronic devices that require EMI and noise filtering.

This safety capacitor has a compact size, making it suitable for use in space-constrained applications. It also features a lead spacing of 15mm, making it ideal for use in through-hole mounting applications.

Overall, the B32672L8102J6A1 safety capacitor is a reliable and high-performance component that can be used in various electronic applications requiring AC input filtering or EMI suppression. Its safety classification, self-healing feature, and compact design make it an excellent choice for applications where safety and space are critical.

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