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ZKHK Electronic Components Service

ZKHK Electronic Components Service

ZKHIK provides professional pre-sales, in-sales and after-sales services, 100% service, 100% satisfaction.

① Quality control

② Packaging inspection

③ Sample service

④ Shipping speed and mode of transportation

⑤ Spot stock

⑥ 24-hour after-sales service

⑦ Return and exchange service

after-sale service of electronic components

After-sale Service

ZKHK guarantees quality for customers, while also provides high-quality after-sales service:

① Warranty time----based on the specific product model.

② The quality of the received goods does not match the facts, and ZKHK supports returns and refunds.

③ If the goods are sent by mistake, ZKHK will reissue or refund within 24 hours.

④ If there is a problem within the warranty period, we will provide reissue and other after-sales services.

⑤ Provide product description and usage method.

research and development of electronic components

Research & Development

Shenzhen Jinjiana Electronics Co., Ltd. was established in 2008. During the period from 2008 to 2022, some of our technical personnel participated in the research and development of chips of various brands. Due to confidentiality agreements, we cannot make specific announcements. But also because of this, Shenzhen Jinjiana can provide the best quality monitoring service and quality assurance. Nowadays, the global chips have tended to be stable, and ZKHK is doing its best to meet the needs of customers while providing electronic components of major brands.

technical help of electronic parts

Technical Help

1. Shenzhen Jinjiana Electronics Co., Ltd. ZKHK has a professional quality inspection team and strict quality inspection process. It conducts professional inspections on the performance of electronic components of related brands, effectively controls the quality of customers, and protects customers' needs and the availability of products.

2. Shenzhen Jinjiana Electronics Co., Ltd. ZKHK has a professional technical team and testing equipment to test the authenticity of electronic components and ensure the reliability of products required by customers.

3. Shenzhen Jinjiana Electronics Co., Ltd. ZKHK can assist customers to conduct more professional and world-recognized testing on the required products to ensure the credibility of the required products.

warranty policy of electronic components

Warranty Policy

According to the specific product model, there is a corresponding warranty time, you can ask at any time.

shipping info of electronic components

Shipping Info

Logistics Services

Provide relative logistics services such as air/express/sea/land transportation, and corresponding transportation terms such as EXW/FOB/CIF/DAP/DDP.

  • Air freight: DAP/DDP, door to door

  • Express: door to door, excluding customs clearance at destination port

  • By sea: CIF/EXW/FOB term

  • Land transportation: the transportation time is long, and the freight is relatively cheaper.

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