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3309P-1-503 Overview

The 3309P-1-503 potentiometer is a linear potentiometer commonly used in electronic circuits. It has a resistance of 50k ohms and can handle a maximum power of 0.25W. It is made up of a glass glaze element, providing a high level of stability and accuracy. This feature makes it ideal for use in precision electronic circuits. The potentiometer's reliable construction also ensures its resistance to corrosion, humidity, and other environmental factors, ensuring its durability and reliability.

It also features a standard 0.25-inch shaft diameter, and it can be mounted on printed circuit boards using a variety of soldering techniques. The potentiometer also comes with a dustproof cover to protect its internal components from damage and debris.

In conclusion, the 3309P-1-503 potentiometer is an excellent choice for electronic applications requiring high precision, accuracy, and durability. Its glass glaze element and reliable construction enable it to resist harsh environments and maintain its accuracy, ensuring high-quality performance.

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