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10A-681J Overview

The Exclusion network resistor 10A-681J is a specific type of through-hole resistor network used in electronic circuits. It is used in a variety of electrical applications for regulating the flow of currents.

This resistor has a resistance value of 680 ohms and a tolerance of ±5%. The letter "J" indicates the tolerance rating. The 10A-681J is primarily used in electronic circuits, including amplifiers, power supplies, and audio equipment.

The resistor has a nominal power rating of 0.33 watts. The network is made up of eight interconnected resistors, with each individual component having a resistance value of 68 ohms, which is why it is referred to as a "resistor network".

The Exclusion network resistor 10A-681J is a cost-effective and widely used component in the electronics industry. Its through-hole configuration makes it easy to install on a printed circuit board, and the resistor network provides a more compact package than individual resistors. 

Overall, Exclusion network resistor 10A-681J is a reliable, stable, and cost-effective choice for electronic circuits that require a highly precise and stable resistance value. It is used in various applications that require careful electrical regulation, filtering, and precision measurements.

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