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TMC3KJ-B50K Overview

The TMC3KJ-B50K is a surface-mount potentiometer that is commonly used in electronic devices such as audio equipment, power supplies, and industrial control circuits. It has a resistance value of 50 kOhms and a power rating of 0.1 watts, making it suitable for low to moderate power applications.

This potentiometer has a compact size, making it easy to integrate into electronic designs. The TMC3KJ-B50K is specially designed to work well in high-density applications that require minimal board space.

The TMC3KJ-B50K potentiometer has a rotational life of 10,000 cycles and a tolerance of ±20%. It has a linear taper resistance profile, providing a smooth and consistent response when adjusting the resistance value.

The TMC3KJ-B50K potentiometer is also equipped with a stable contact system, providing a reliable and consistent electrical connection. It has a low contact resistance, ensuring minimal voltage loss across the potentiometer.

Overall, the TMC3KJ-B50K is a reliable and cost-effective potentiometer that meets the demands of various electronic designs. Its compact size, moderate power rating, and linear taper resistance profile make it a suitable option for many low to moderate power applications. Its stable contact system and low contact resistance make it an ideal choice for applications that require a reliable electrical connection.

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