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RT1206DRE0759KL Overview

The RT1206DRE0759KL is a high-precision metal film resistor in a compact MELF package. It is designed for use in a wide range of applications, where precision, reliability, and stability are required. This resistor has a resistance value of 59 kohms and a power rating of 250mW.

This resistor features a tight tolerance of ±0.5%, ensuring high precision and accuracy in its applications. Its high power rating allows it to handle higher power dissipation than smaller MELF resistors. The MELF package provides excellent thermal stability and enables it to operate at high temperatures without affecting its performance.

The RT1206DRE0759KL is RoHS compliant and has a compact size of 1206, making it suitable for use in high-density circuit designs. It delivers low noise and low thermal EMF values, making it ideal for use in high-precision measurement applications.

Overall, the RT1206DRE0759KL is an excellent MELF resistor that offers precise and reliable performance in a wide range of applications. Its small size and high thermal stability make it suitable for use in high-density circuit designs, while its high precision and accuracy make it an ideal component for use in precision measurement circuits. With its high power rating and low noise and thermal EMF values, it is an excellent choice for designers looking for a reliable and accurate resistor in high-power applications.

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