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NGTB40N120FL2WG Overview

NGTB40N120FL2WG is a high voltage N-channel Fast-switching IGBT (Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor) manufactured by ON Semiconductor. It is a high-performance IGBT with a maximum voltage rating of 1.2kV and a current rating of 40A.

The NGTB40N120FL2WG features low saturation voltage of 1.5V, which helps to reduce power dissipation and increase energy efficiency. The device also has a fast switching time of 35ns, making it suitable for high-frequency applications.

The NGTB40N120FL2WG is designed to operate under high-temperature conditions, making it ideal for various industrial applications. It also has a robust and reliable design that allows it to handle high voltage and current levels.

The device is integrated with a co-packed diode, which ensures fast and efficient switching. It has a TO-247 package format makes it compatible with various circuit board designs. The device provides easy parallel operation due to its low turn-off losses and low switching losses, resulting in lower diode losses.

Overall, NGTB40N120FL2WG is a high-performance IGBT that delivers efficient and high-frequency switching. Its low saturation voltage, fast switching time, and parallel operation capability make it an excellent choice for different power electronics applications, such as high-efficiency power supplies, motor drives, and renewable energy applications.

Details of NGTB40N120FL2WG


40N120FL2 Igbt

Details of NGTB40N120FL2WG

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