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WXD3-13-2W-220R Overview

The WXD3-13-2W-220R potentiometer is a high-power, multi-turn potentiometer widely used in electronic circuits that require precision, resistance, and durability. It can handle up to 2 watts of power, and its resistance value is 220 ohms.

The potentiometer features multi-turn functionality, providing increased precision and accurate adjustment of its resistance value. It also features a multi-gang design that increases its current-carrying capacity. The potentiometer is made with high-quality materials, which make it highly durable and resistant to harsh environmental conditions such as humidity, dust, and corrosion.

The WXD3-13-2W-220R potentiometer offers excellent stability, ensuring that its resistance value remains constant over time. Its compact design makes it ideal for use in small electronic devices with limited space.

This potentiometer comes with a switch, which makes it easy to turn on and off, making it particularly useful in a wide range of applications, such as audio equipment, power supplies, and industrial machinery.

The WXD3-13-2W-220R can be mounted on a printed circuit board through several soldering techniques, making it easy to install.

In summary, the WXD3-13-2W-220R potentiometer is a reliable and high-quality component specifically for electronic circuits that require multi-turn functionality, high-power operating capacity, and precise resistance. Its stability, durability, and compact design make it an ideal choice for use in a variety of electronic applications and devices.

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