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P117AAT Overview

The P117AAT is a low voltage MOS transistor designed for use in low voltage applications like battery-powered systems, portable devices, and other low voltage circuits. It offers a high level of reliability and low power consumption, making it an ideal choice for low voltage circuits.

The transistor has a high input impedance, which makes it suitable for use in circuits that require a high input resistance such as amplifiers. It has a low threshold voltage, which enables it to operate at very low voltage levels.

The P117AAT is housed in a small SOT-23 package, making it easy to use in a variety of circuit designs. It has a maximum drain-source voltage of 20 volts, a maximum continuous drain current of 0.35 amperes, and a maximum power dissipation of 0.3 watts.

Overall, the P117AAT is a versatile and dependable low voltage MOS transistor that offers both performance and energy efficiency in a compact package.

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