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varistor sfi2220sv471 501a
SFI2220SV471-501A Overview

The SFI2220SV471-501A is a specific part number of a surface mount varistor designed to protect electronic circuits from damage caused by high voltage surges. The varistor acts as a voltage-dependent resistor, rapidly switching from high resistance to low resistance when the voltage across it exceeds a certain threshold, thereby diverting the surge current and protecting devices connected to the circuit.

The SFI2220SV471-501A varistor has a maximum voltage rating of 30V and can withstand surge currents up to 6000A, making it suitable for use in high voltage applications. It has a rated current of 200mA and is RoHS certified, indicating that it is free from hazardous substances that could potentially harm human health or the environment.

The "501A" in the middle of its part number indicates that it has a tolerance rating of ±10%. It has an inductance rating of 180nH and a capacitance rating of 470pF, which helps to protect against harmful transients that may occur in the circuit.

With its small size and surface mount form factor, the SFI2220SV471-501A varistor is easy to integrate into various circuit designs. It is useful in electronic devices that are at risk of damage from high voltage surges, such as power supplies, computers, appliances, and more. Overall, the SFI2220SV471-501A varistor is a reliable and effective solution for protecting electronic circuits from voltage surges and transients.

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