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WXD3-13-2W-680R Overview

The WXD3-13-2W-680R potentiometer is a high-quality electronic component used for adjusting variable resistance in various electronic circuits. It has a 680-ohm resistance value and a power rating of 2 watts, making it suitable for high-power applications. It is commonly used in audio equipment, power supplies, and industrial control circuits.

This potentiometer is available in both single-turn and multi-turn options, allowing users to choose between a rotary control with a single rotation or multiple revolutions to make more precise adjustments. The multi-turn option is particularly useful for circuits that require a high degree of accuracy.

The WXD3-13-2W-680R potentiometer has a rotary shaft and includes a locking mechanism to prevent accidental adjustments. Once a particular resistor value has been set, the locking mechanism ensures that it remains stable, eliminating the risk of interference. This locking mechanism makes it possible for users to maintain a particular circuit configuration without the need for frequent adjustments.

Overall, the WXD3-13-2W-680R potentiometer is a reliable, high-performance electronic component that can withstand the demands of various applications. With its precision resistance adjustment capabilities, it is an excellent choice for electronic circuits that require accurate voltage control. Its rugged design and robust construction ensure that it can withstand harsh environmental conditions, making it a good option for applications that demand durability.

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