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Video Processor Electronic Components

The process of taking pictures is actually the process of converting optical signals into electrical signals. In the process of digital photography, the outside light hits the sensor chip through the lens, the sensor chip decomposes the image into tens of millions of pixels, the sensor measures the color and brightness of each pixel, and converts it into a digital signal as a code, For example "010101010...". In this way, the actual image becomes a collection of numbers. Since the size of the original picture is usually very large, for the convenience of transmission, the video processing chip continues to compress and encode it to facilitate transmission and storage.


Camera processing flow:

1. Lens: Gather the light emitted by the external scene.

2. Sensor chip: The sensor chip decomposes the external image into tens of millions of pixels, converts it into an electrical signal, and transmits it to an analog-to-digital converter to convert it into a digital signal.

3. Video processing chip: accept the digital signal transmitted by the sensor, and further process it, such as compression coding, etc.


Therefore, sensor chips (converting optical signals into electrical signals) and video processing chips (mainly processing digital signals) are the two most important electronic components for image processing.

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