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high power resistor cr2512f0r039e042w
CR2512F0R039E042W Overview

The CR2512F0R039E042W is a high power chip resistor that can handle power dissipation of up to 2 watts and has a resistance value of 0.039 ohms. This surface-mount device is designed for use in power electronics and high current applications, particularly in industrial automation and automotive systems.

This chip resistor is RoHS compliant and has a package size of 2512. Its thick film technology ensures a stable and reliable performance, while its low resistance value ensures it can handle high current circuits. Its 1% tolerance rating ensures high precision and accuracy in its applications.

The CR2512F0R039E042W is rated for operation in a temperature range of -55°C to +155°C, which ensures it can withstand extreme operating conditions. It has a maximum working voltage of 200V, allowing it to be used in a variety of applications.

Overall, the CR2512F0R039E042W is a high-quality, high-power chip resistor that can provide precise and reliable performance in demanding applications. It is an excellent choice for designers who need a component that can handle high power dissipation and resistors with low resistance values. With its stable and reliable performance, this chip resistor is sure to exceed the expectations of designers.

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