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Features Of SIR186DP-T1-RE3
  • High voltage capability: SIR186DP-T1-RE3 is capable of operating at high voltage levels of up to 650V DC, making it suitable for use in high power applications.

  • Low On-Resistance: The MOS transistor has a low On-Resistance of 163 mOhms, and it can maintain its low RDS(on) even at higher temperatures.

  • Fast switching speed: SIR186DP-T1-RE3 has a fast switching speed which makes it suitable for high-frequency switching applications.

  • Avalanche ruggedness: This MOS transistor has avalanche ruggedness which allows it to withstand high reverse voltages.

  • Safe operating area (SOA): It has an excellent Safe Operating Area (SOA) characteristic, which ensures that it operates within its defined limits at high power levels.

  • RoHS compliance: The SIR186DP-T1-RE3 is RoHS compliant, which makes it environmentally friendly.

  • Qualified and tested to AEC Q101 standards: This MOS transistor has been qualified and tested to AEC Q101 standards, making it suitable for use in automotive applications.

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