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TV Electronic Components

The TV chip can deeply optimize the details of the screen image through "upscaling" or "frame complementing" technology, reduce the "sawtooth" effect of the picture, thereby making up for the clarity of the picture, and then further optimize the color saturation, brightness, Sharpness and other aspects, and finally to improve the visual quality of the display screen.

TV chips, to be precise, should be smart TV chips, and their role in smart TVs has become more and more important. The performance of the current smart TV has two configurations that are the most important, one is the screen, and the other is the chip. I think that for the current mainstream TVs, the role of the chip is greater than that of the screen, and this rule will become more and more applicable. The more high-end TVs, the more obvious this is.


In the past, people did not pay much attention to TV chips. Firstly, compared with panels, chips are "backstage operations" in TVs, and users lack intuitive experience and understanding of TV chips; secondly, some domestic companies are promoting digital high-definition When it came to TV, a wrong concept was created that "pixels determine sharpness"; in the end, it was because the replacement speed of TV chips was relatively slow, and the external publicity was relatively small. These factors have caused many TV users to care too much about the picture quality and size of the screen, and the importance of the chip is "weakened".


In fact, chip performance is crucial to the TV experience. A series of issues such as the picture quality, sound quality, running speed, and decoding functions of the TV are all controlled in the hands of the TV chip. If you use a car as an analogy, the TV chip is not only the engine of the TV, but also the gearbox, and even the center console. More and more users have understood this truth, and regard the performance of the chip as an important reference when purchasing a TV, just like we depend on the performance of the processor when buying a mobile phone. As an increasingly intelligent electronic device, the performance of the chip Performance is one of its roots.

tv electronic components

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