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high power resistor cr2512f0r018e042w
CR2512F0R018E042W Overview

The High Power Chip Resistor CR2512F0R018E042W is a type of surface mount chip resistor commonly used in electronic applications with high power requirements. 

This chip resistor has a resistance value of 0.018 ohms and a power rating of 2 watts. Its package size is referred to as 2512, meaning it measures 0.25 inches in length and 0.12 inches in width. The letter "F" in the part number indicates that it is flame-retardant, and "E" means that it has a resistance tolerance of ±1%, which is a high level of accuracy for resistance values.

The High Power Chip Resistor CR2512F0R018E042W is specifically designed for use in high-power supplies, power amplifiers, and lighting systems. Due to its high power rating, the resistor can handle a significant amount of current flow, making it ideal for applications that require high-performance power control.

As an SMT component, the chip resistor can be directly mounted to the surface of a PCB without any wires, saving space on the board. It is also resistant to high temperatures and humidity, making it suitable for use in harsh environments.

Overall, the High Power Chip Resistor CR2512F0R018E042W is a reliable and versatile chip resistor that can handle a significant amount of current flow while maintaining high precision and accuracy. Its flame-retardant property and resistance to high temperatures and humidity make it suitable for various electronic applications, particularly those with high-power requirements.

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