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FPV201209G3R3PKT Overview

The FPV201209G3R3PKT is a varistor that is designed to be used in electronic circuits for protecting against voltage transients, power surges, and spikes, which could lead to damaging or even destroying connected electronic components. 

This varistor has a maximum voltage rating of 30V and can withstand peak pulse currents of up to 300A, making it suitable for high power applications. It has a capacitance rating of 3.3pF and a tolerance rating of ±2%, which is represented by "G" in its part number.

It is housed in a surface mount 0805 package that measures just 2.0mm x 1.25mm, making it an ideal choice for use in compact and high-density electronic products. It is also RoHS compliant, meaning it does not contain any hazardous substances like cadmium and lead that could harm the environment or human health.

The FPV201209G3R3PKT varistor provides efficient and reliable protection against high voltage surges and transients. It is suitable for a wide range of electronic systems and devices that require protection from overvoltage, such as mobile devices, computers, medical diagnosis equipment, instrumentation, and more.

In summary, the FPV201209G3R3PKT is a highly effective varistor with a high maximum voltage rating, low capacitance, and tolerance rating, housed in a small form factor that makes it perfect for high-density and compact electronic products. It provides a reliable and efficient solution for protecting electronic circuits from overvoltage, and it meets international safety and environmental protection standards.

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