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SMBTA56/MMBTA56 Overview

The SMBTA56 and MMBTA56 are both popular NPN general-purpose transistors that are commonly used in electronic applications. These bipolar junction transistors feature a maximum collector current rating of 500 mA and 600 mA for the SMBTA56 and MMBTA56 respectively, while the maximum collector-emitter voltage for both models is 80 volts.

Both models are designed for use in a range of electronic circuits and can be used as switching transistors or as amplifiers. Additionally, these triodes feature low saturation voltage and low noise figures, making them suitable for high-performance applications and low-power applications alike.

The MMBTA56 is a surface-mount device that comes in a small SOT-23 package, making it suitable for use in compact electronic devices. On the other hand, the SMBTA56 is a through-hole device, which makes it easy to use in a range of circuit designs.

Overall, the SMBTA56 and MMBTA56 are popular NPN general-purpose transistors that provide excellent performance characteristics, making them ideal for a wide range of electronic applications, including amplifiers and switching circuits. These transistors are widely available and relatively inexpensive, making them popular among hobbyists and professionals alike.

Details of SMBTA56/MMBTA56

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