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TPS63900DSKR Overview

The TPS63900DSKR is an integrated circuit (IC) from Texas Instruments that is designed for ultra-low-power buck-boost converters. This IC operates from a very low input voltage of 0.3V up to 5.5V, making it ideal for battery-powered applications, including wearables, IoT devices, and wireless sensor networks.

One of the key features of the TPS63900DSKR is its high efficiency. It can deliver up to 400mA of current with an efficiency of up to 95 percent, even at low input voltages. This feature allows the IC to deliver more power for longer periods while consuming less energy, thus maximizing battery life.

Another notable feature of the TPS63900DSKR is its small size and package design. It comes in a tiny 10-pin VSON package, which saves board space and reduces overall system size. The IC is also RoHS compliant and can withstand temperatures between -40 degrees Celsius to 105 degrees Celsius.

The TPS63900DSKR also has various protection features. It has overcurrent protection, thermal shutdown, and a power good output that alerts the system of any issues. This feature ensures the system's overall safety and reliability.

Overall, the TPS63900DSKR is an effective and versatile IC for ultra-low-power buck-boost converters. Its high efficiency and small size make it ideal for battery-powered applications, while its protection features ensure the system's safety and reliability.

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