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WH06-2C-103 Overview

The WH06-2C-103 is a 6mm through-hole adjustable resistor also known as a potentiometer. It has a resistance of 10 kohms and is designed to allow users to adjust the amount of resistance in a circuit by turning the knob at the top. The adjustment range for this resistor is from 0 to 10 kohms.

This resistor has two terminals on either end that provide a fixed resistance, while the center terminal provides a variable resistance based on the position of the knob. The resistor is designed using carbon film technology that provides a stable, accurate resistance throughout the range of adjustments. It is rated for a power rating of up to 0.25W.

The WH06-2C-103 adjustable resistor is commonly used in various analogue circuits, as well as audio applications where a user needs to control volume or tone. The compact size of the resistor and the ease of adjustment make it a popular choice for projects where precision resistance adjustments are required.

Overall, the WH06-2C-103 adjustable resistor is an excellent choice for designers who require precise resistance adjustments in their circuits. With its carbon film technology, excellent power rating, and compact size, it is a reliable solution for a wide range of applications.

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