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About ZKHK

Electronic Components Manufacturer

Company Profile

Founded in 2008, Jinjiana International Co., Ltd. is a large-scale distribution organization of electronic components. With advanced management concepts and rich industry experience, it can provide you with reliable product quality and perfect service system. ZKHK is a professional and mature team with the industry's most cutting-edge warehousing and authorized distribution management system, which can provide one-stop service for various suppliers, dealers and manufacturers. We believe that through professional functions and one-stop solutions, every cost saved for customers is an additional capital that can be used for competition.

Our development philosophy

ZKHK distributes active and passive electronic components of various internationally renowned brands, especially in non-volatile memory Flash, F-RAM, EEPROM and wireless memory/RFID, etc. [A1]. Its applications involve wireless communication, telecommunication equipment, enterprise network, digital media, home entertainment, automotive electronics, industrial control and many other fields; at the same time, it also provides customers with unpopular and military-grade component products.

Since its inception, Jinjiana International Co., Ltd. has been adhering to the tenet of "creating value for customers" and the principle of "reputation first, quality assurance, and long-term win-win" to establish long-term relationships with various suppliers, distributors and manufacturers at home and abroad. Friendly trade partnership to achieve win-win for suppliers and customers.

We promise: Jinjiana International Co., Ltd. is your most assured and reliable supplier of electronic components!

Sincerely welcome customers to call or write to negotiate, to become a long-term friendly partner, to create brilliance together!

Company Culture

ZKHK takes customers as the center, takes quality as the standard, takes customers' needs as its own responsibility, and takes honest management as the bottom line to provide customers with electronic components that meet customers' needs, and provide the most comfortable pre-sales, sales and after-sales services, 24 hours a day preparing!

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Social Responsibility

In this electronic information age, electronic components surround people all over the world all the time. While the richness and importance of the choice of electronic components exist, the risk of purchasing also appears immediately. Shenzhen Jinjiana Electronics Co., Ltd. ZKHK has been adhering to solving the supply and demand problems of electronic components for the world, and is dedicated to providing the best electronic component solutions.

Our History

Electronic Components
In 2008

Shenzhen Jinjiana Electronics Co., Ltd. was established.

Electronic Components List
In 2010

Shenzhen Jinjiana Electronics Co., Ltd. was authorized to be the sales agency of major electronic brands in the world.

Electronic Component Wholesale
In 2011

The Electronic Component Inspection Center of Shenzhen Jinjiana Electronics Co., Ltd. was established.

Electronic Components For Sale
In 2013

Shenzhen Jinjiana Electronics Co., Ltd. participated in the Hong Kong Electronic Components Exhibition.

Electrical And Electronic Components
In 2015

Shenzhen Jinjiana Electronics Co., Ltd. participated in the UAE Electronic Components Exhibition.

Electronic Parts Wholesale
In 2017

Shenzhen Jinjiana Electronics Co., Ltd. Munich Shanghai Electronic Components Exhibition/Guangzhou Electronic Components Exhibition/Singapore Electronic Components Exhibition.

All Electrical Components
In 2018

Shenzhen jinjiana Electronics Co., Ltd. was established, and the business department/quality inspection department/after-sales department and other departments are divided into offices.

Power Electronics Components
In 2019

Shenzhen jinjiana Electronics Co., Ltd. participated in the Guangzhou Electronic Components Exhibition.

Elements Used In Electrical Circuits
In 2021

Shenzhen jinjiana Electronics Co., Ltd. UAE Electronic Components Exhibition.

Jinjiana Electronic Components Company
In 2023

In 2023, Jinjiana International Co., Ltd. (Hong Kong) was registered and established in Hong Kong. It is one of the world's first-class electronic suppliers, and it will make every effort to provide the electronic components needed by the world.

If you have any product inquiries, technician support, or after-service support about electronic components, please feel free to contact us.
Room 318, Building A, Shanhai Dinghui, Bantian Street, Longgang District, Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province