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GF063P1B202K Overview

The GF063P1B202K is a precision potentiometer designed to provide accurate and stable resistance for various electronic applications. It has a resistance value of 2 kOhms and a power rating of 0.25 watts, which makes it ideal for low power applications.

This potentiometer is designed with a conductive plastic resistance element that provides stable and highly accurate resistance values. The GF063P1B202K potentiometer has a linear taper resistance profile, providing a smooth and consistent response when adjusting the resistance value.

The GF063P1B202K potentiometer has a rotational life of 10,000 cycles and a tolerance of ±10%. It is equipped with a threaded bushing, making it easy to mount in various applications.

This precision potentiometer is commonly used in electronic devices such as audio equipment, power supplies, and industrial control circuits. It is also ideal for applications that require high precision resistance values and stable resistance over time.

Overall, the GF063P1B202K is a high-precision potentiometer that provides accurate and stable resistance for various electronic applications. Its conductive plastic resistance element, linear taper resistance profile, and threaded bushing make it easy to mount. With a high rotational life and a reasonable tolerance, this potentiometer is a reliable option for industrial and electronic designs that require precision resistance values.

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