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metal film capacitor ck45 b3dd102kyvnx
CK45-B3DD102KYVNX Overview

The CK45-B3DD102KYVNX is designed for use in a wide range of electronic applications including high-frequency circuits, DC blocking applications, and filtering applications.

The CK45-B3DD102KYVNX metal film capacitor features a stable and long-life metalized polyester film dielectric with low dissipation factor and low self-inductance. It has a capacitance value of 1 nF and is rated for operating voltages up to 2 kilovolts DC. The tolerance range of this capacitor is ±10%.

The CK45-B3DD102KYVNX capacitor has a compact size of 4 mm x 10 mm, making it suitable for use in applications where space is limited. It is also RoHS compliant and meets the requirements of the UL 94V-0 Flame Retardant Standard.

With its high-quality construction and performance characteristics, the CK45-B3DD102KYVNX metal film capacitor is an ideal choice for applications that require high reliability, stability, and accuracy. Its low ESR and high-frequency characteristics make it suitable for use in circuits that require fast switching and high-speed processing. Additionally, its stable and reliable performance over time and temperature changes make it a useful component in precision applications where accuracy is essential. Its high DC voltage rating also makes it suitable for use in high-voltage DC circuits.

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