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V14471U Overview

The V14471U is a metal film capacitor manufactured by KEMET Electronics. This capacitor is designed to provide high stability and reliability in various applications such as signal coupling, filtering, and timing circuits.

The V14471U capacitor features a stable metal film dielectric with low dissipation factor and minimal capacitance drift over time and temperature changes. It has a rated capacitance of 470 pF and a maximum voltage rating of 250 volts. The tolerance range of this capacitor is ±5%.

The V14471U capacitor has a compact size of 5.0 mm x 11.0 mm, making it suitable for applications that require small form factors. This capacitor is also RoHS compliant and meets the requirements of the AEC-Q200 automotive standard.

The V14471U metal film capacitor is an ideal choice for high-performance applications that require stable and reliable performance over time, temperature, and voltage. Its low ESR and high-frequency characteristics make it suitable for use in circuits that require fast switching and high speed processing.

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