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Features Of LK1306
  • High power output: The LK1306 triode provides high power output which makes it suitable for use in high-power transmitting applications.

  • High frequency capability: It offers high-frequency operation of up to 450 MHz.

  • High back pressure: Its unique design provides high back pressure, which helps regulate the operating conditions, improving its overall efficiency.

  • Direct-heated cathode: The LK1306 triode has a direct-heated cathode, which offers quick warm-up, ensuring rapid start-up and stable operation.

  • Long life: With proper use and maintenance, the LK1306 triode can offer extended operating life.

  • Robust design: The LK1306 triode is built to withstand high-power operation and has a rugged design suitable for use in harsh environments.

  • Air cooling: It is air-cooled which makes it easy to maintain and operate without the need for additional cooling systems.

  • High reliability: The LK1306 triode is a reliable and highly stable device that has been tested and approved for long-term use.

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