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ARG03DTD1003 Overview

The ARG03DTD1003 is a surface mount chip resistor used for various electronic applications.

This chip resistor has a resistance value of 100 kΩ and a power rating of 0.1 watts. Its physical dimensions are 0.03 inches in length and 0.02 inches in width. The part number "ARG03DTD1003" contains the following information: "ARG" is the series name, "03" refers to the package size, "DT" means it's a chip resistor, "D" indicates the tolerance (±0.5%), and "1003" is the resistance value in ohms.

The ARG03DTD1003 is a reliable component used in various electronic applications, including sound systems, LED lighting, and automotive electronics. It is an SMT component, which means that it is mounted directly onto the PCB without any wires.


The small size of the ARG03DTD1003 enables it to be used in various electronic products with limited space. Additionally, it is resistant to high temperatures and can be used in harsh environments.

Overall, the ARG03DTD1003 is a versatile and reliable component widely used in the electronics industry. Its resistance value, size, and power rating make it a popular choice for circuit designers looking for an efficient and cost-effective solution.

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