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BFP193 E6327
BFP193 E6327 Overview

The BFP193 E6327 is a N-channel JFET (Junction Field Effect Transistor) transistor designed for high-frequency applications. It is manufactured by Infineon Technologies, a German semiconductor company. 

This transistor is capable of operation at high frequencies, with a maximum frequency of 64 GHz, making it suitable for use in high-speed communication systems. It has a low noise figure of 0.65 dB at 1.8 GHz, allowing it to be used as a low-noise amplifier. The BFP193 E6327 has a minimum transconductance (gm) of 440 mS, which indicates that it provides high gain without consuming too much power. 

The maximum continuous drain current (Id) of the BFP193 E6327 is 70 mA, making it well-suited for low-power applications. The gate-source voltage (Vgs) of the transistor can range between -10V to 0V. The BFP193 E6327 is housed in a surface-mount SOT-343 package, which is small and easy to mount. The package is well-suited for use in applications requiring a small footprint and low power consumption. 

Overall, the BFP193 E6327 is a high-performance JFET transistor that is suitable for use in high-frequency communication systems and low-power applications that require low noise and high gain.

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