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3296W-1-501 Overview

The 3296W-1-501 is a 1/2 W through-hole adjustable resistor, also known as a potentiometer. It has a resistance of 500 ohms and is designed to allow users to adjust the amount of resistance in a circuit by turning the knob at the top. The adjustment range for this resistor is from 0 to 500 ohms.

This resistor has three terminals on either end that provide a fixed resistance, while the center terminal provides a variable resistance based on the position of the knob. The resistor is designed using wirewound technology, which provides a stable, accurate resistance throughout the range of adjustments.

The 3296W-1-501 adjustable resistor is commonly used in various analogue circuits, audio applications where a user needs to control volume or tone, and in power supplies or LED current limiting circuits where it effectively controls current flow. The compact size of the resistor, its robust construction, and the ease of adjustment make it a popular choice for projects that require precision resistance adjustments.

Overall, the 3296W-1-501 adjustable resistor is an excellent choice for designers who require precise resistance adjustments in their circuits. With its wirewound technology, excellent power rating, and robust construction, it is a reliable solution for a wide range of applications that require accurate and adjustable resistance.

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