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Voltage Regulator IC 78M15 15V Three-Terminal Regulator

Common three-terminal voltage regulator integrated circuits (ICs) in switching power supplies include the positive voltage output 78xx series and the negative voltage output 79xx series. As the name implies, a three-terminal IC refers to this type of voltage regulator IC, which has only three pins: the input, ground, and output.

Using 78 series three-terminal voltage regulatorICs to form a regulated power supply requires very few external components, and the internal circuitry includes overcurrent, overheat, and regulator protection circuits. This makes it reliable, convenient, and cost-effective to use.

Description of the voltage regulator IC 78M15

78M15 is a fixed positive voltage regulator with three terminals, offering a fixed output voltage of 15V/18V. Its capability to output a fixed voltage makes it widely applicable.78M15 series internally integrate overcurrent protection, thermal shutdown, and power limitation features, ensuring that it is inherently damage-proof. With adequate heat dissipation, the circuit can work continuously under a current of 0.5A.

Features of the voltage regulator IC 78M15

  • Output current: 0.5A

  • Output voltage: 15V/18V

  • Thermal overload protection

  • Short circuit protection

  • Output transistor SOA protection

  • Package types:TO-220, TO-220FP, DPAK or SOT-223

Schematic of the voltage regulator IC 78M15


Parameters of the voltage regulator IC 78M15

  • DC input voltage(VO=5~18V) VI :35V

  • DC input voltage(VO=20,24V) VI :40V

  • Output current IO :0.5A

  • Storage temperature range Tstg :-65~+150℃

  • Operating junction temperature range Top :0~+150℃

Electrical characteristics of the voltage regulator IC 78M15

(Unless otherwise specified, 0≤TJ≤+125℃, IO=350mA, CI=0.33μF, CO=0.1μF)


Application circuit diagram of the voltage regulator IC 78M15



"VXX" defines the output voltage, replace the value with XX.

No output capacitor is needed here to achieve voltage regulation; it is used to improve transient response.

If the regulator is placed far from the power supply filter, then CI needs to be added.


IC 78M15 applications

Various voltage regulation circuits

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