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Application Fields Of Integrated Circuits

In Computer Applications

With the appearance of large-scale integrated circuits and ultra-large-scale integrated circuits, which integrate thousands or even tens of thousands of electronic components, the electronic computer has entered the fourth generation of development. The basic components of the fourth-generation computer are large-scale integrated circuits, or even ultra-large-scale integrated circuits. High integration semiconductor storage replaces magnetic core storage, and the processing speed can reach several million or even hundreds of millions of basic operations per second.

Almost all major parts of a computer are related to integrated circuits, including CPU, graphics card, motherboard, memory, sound card, network card, optical drive, etc. Experts have integrated more and more components onto a single integrated circuit board using the latest technology, giving computers more functions. This has led to the emergence of many new types of computers, such as handheld computers, fingerprint recognition computers, and voice-controlled computers. With the rapid development of high-tech, there will be more and more advanced computers in our future.

In Communication Applications

Integrated circuits are widely used in communication, such as communication satellites, mobile phones, and radar. China's independently developed "Beidou" navigation system is a typical example.

The "Beidou" navigation system is a satellite positioning system with independent intellectual property rights in China. It is one of the world's four satellite navigation systems, along with the American GPS, the Russian GLONASS and the European Union Galileo system. Its successful research has broken the monopoly of the GPS in the satellite positioning navigation application market. Recently, China has successfully launched the second generation of Beidou navigation test satellites. In the future, a network composed of five stationary orbit satellites and 30 non-stationary orbit satellites will be formed, and China's independent satellite positioning navigation is developing rapidly from testing to application.

The "Navigation No. 1" will replace foreign chips in the Beidou navigation system, and it can also be widely used in transportation on land, sea, and air, wired and wireless communications, geological exploration, resource survey, forest fire prevention, medical emergency, maritime search and rescue, precision measurement, target monitoring and other fields.

In recent years, with the rapid development of high-tech, radar technology has a lot of room for development. The relative balance between radar and anti-radar is constantly being broken. Active phased array is a new radar technology that is rapidly emerging. It will become a key technology to improve the ability of radar to deal with fast, maneuverable and stealthy targets in harsh electromagnetic environments. Active phased array radar is a high-tech product that integrates modern phased array theory, ultra-large-scale integrated circuits, high-speed computers, advanced solid-state devices and optoelectronic technology.

Compared with other types of radar, the millimeter-wave radar has high guiding accuracy, strong anti-interference ability, high Doppler resolution, and strong plasma penetration ability. Therefore, it is widely used in terminal guidance, fuze, industry, medicine, and other fields. Whether military or civilian, there is a high demand for millimeter-wave radar technology, and remote millimeter-wave radar has broad application prospects in the development of spaceflight. It is a key means to observe and guide precisely the space targets from a long distance, with multiple batches and high speed. It is foreseeable that various tactical and strategic applications of millimeter-wave.

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